写意云端之上的纬来体育直播奥运会精神----访重庆万达艾美纬来体育直播奥运会总经理邓肯先生A Sketch of the Hospitality Spirit beyond Clouds
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A Sketch of the Hospitality Spirit beyond Clouds
---- Interview with Mr. Christopher Duncan, General Manager of Le Méridien Chongqing, Nan’an


As the old Chinese saying goes, “Young men should not live in Sichuan while old men should never leave there”. Life in Sichuan is so relaxing and comfortable that it deprives a young man of his drive for self-improvement while it is perfect for a senior citizen, who has seen through life and penetrated the true meaning of it, to idle away his time as a compensation for the hardship he has endured in his youth. Only by surrounding oneself in mountains and rivers in Sichuan could a person truly understand the beauty of Chongqing city. Located beside the Yangtze River with scenic views of the green South Mountain in the distance, Le Méridien Chongqing Nan’an offers a classic lifestyle experience which will increase the quality of your stay. It is an ideal retreat that would leave you lingering memories even after a single stay.

In the season when flowers were blooming and birds were chirping, we paid our second visit to Le Méridien Chongqing Nan’an. As soon as we stepped into the hotel, we were immersed in its distinctive fragrance, music and lighting. Such a paradisiacal sensational experience is the signature of Le Méridien, which impressed us profoundly last time. The recapture of this feeling filled us with a warm sense of belonging. At the end of last year, the hotel was awarded as the Best Conference Hotel 2010. At the outset of this year, it greeted its new leader, Mr. Christopher Duncan, a professional manager with over 35 years’ experience in hospitality who has served in a number of internationally renowned five-star hotels around the world. This rich experience has enabled him to handle his job at Le Méridien Chongqing Nan’an with ease and brilliant achievements. Listening to his incisive views on hotel management is undoubtedly a spiritual feast.

Distinctive brand management --- As a high brand in Starwood Hotels, Le Méridien rigorously follows the group’s STAR service standards and inherits Starwood care culture while possessing its own core value. The spirit of Le Méridien can be summarized as distinctiveness, elegance and exploration. Distinctiveness is the style of the brand, reflecting its self-confidence, precision, grace and originality. Elegance is the connotation of the brand that emits sensory sentiments through styles of its art, architecture, and food. Exploration is the aspiration for being better, stronger and lovelier. The “care culture” has always been the management foundation and the core competiveness of the hotel. As an accurate indicator of service, customers’ experience is what Le Meriden cares most. Consequently, the hotel emphasizes details in service, its brand concept and care culture, delivering a considerate care to employees, customers, business and local community. The artistic and humanistic designs at Le Méridien, the brand culture with a strong sense of belonging and its encouragement of pioneer spirit are the indispensable ingredients for the unique experience of the hotel.

Original human resource strategies ---Distinguished from the majority of international brand hotels whose higher management is purely westernized, Le Méridien Chongqing Nan’an has taken in many Chinese talents. Cultivating and employing “local talents” to establish a “local brand”, the hotel allows more and more “Chinese faces” to be involved in the management and service in order to create a comfortable and benevolent atmosphere, which is the essence of its humanistic focus. The humanistic approach is also adopted throughout the employee management process, from the procedure management to the policy establishment. Through the broad world hotel network, less experienced staff could choose to work at hotels in famous cities including Hawaii, New York and San Diego, to accumulate experiences before he returns to the hotel. Such a practice strengthens the sense of identity and belonging of employees. In addition, the Starwood Hotels has developed its own leadership school, designed particularly for the professional development of employees at various levels. Being a significant link in the career development, the school aims to cultivate employees’ leadership and to reinforce the hotel’s competing powers. Mr. Christopher Duncan believes that customers would not be satisfied if employees are not satisfied in the first place. Therefore, Le Meridien strives to create a humanistic and amiable work environment where every employee is able to enjoy respect and balance between work and life.

Foresight in future development --- As the only municipality directly under the Central Government in south west China, Chongqing is the hub for various business activities. In 2010, there were 17 five-star hotels in the city and in 2011 another 11 hotels will be completed. It is estimated that the total number of five-star hotels in Chongqing would reach 80 by 2015. In order to distinguish itself and remain invincible in the increasingly fierce market competition, it is necessary for Le Méridien Chongqing Nan’an to perfect details in its service and to satisfy requirements from high-end customers, offering a special journey for each client. Its designs of integrated traditional Chinese and western styles and exquisite décor, which grant individualized charm to the hotel while satisfying aesthetic desires of high-end customers, have established a solid foundation for this goal. In reference to the future development, Mr. Christopher Duncan claimed that meetings and events would maintain their top position in the hotel’s business since it possesses the most luxurious and best furnished ballroom in Chongqing. Facing a wake of international and domestic meetings, Le Méridien Chongqing Nan’an, not satisfied with its advantage in facilities, would try to provide refined and individualized services. As success relies on details, it would aim higher to satisfy customers’ emotional desires in addition to their service requirements. For this purpose, Le Méridien has employed a Michelin three-star chef to create the Le Meridian’s Signature Breakfast, which includes nutritious and delicious food and specially made drinks to awaken one’s senses, unveiling a new day with amazing tastes. If a customer’s birthday is during his stay, the hotel would complement a birthday cake themed with the customer’s favorite color and a bouquet of roses, delivering a delicate and thoughtful greeting to customers. Ever since its opening, Le Méridien Chongqing Nan’an, whose designs are imbued with artistic flavor, has cooperated with Chang’an Contemporary Art Museum to introduce modern art into the hotel. Every corner of the hotel is decorated with distinctive, elegant and original pieces of contemporary art. Such an innovative concept has added vitality to the brand as well as lending more charm to the hotel.

After working in different cities in China, Mr. Christopher Duncan has fallen in love with Chongqing and his fondness is manifested throughout his words. Compared with the grandeur of Beijing, Chongqing is more like a delicate beauty. Which other city would have such a unique geographic location as Chongqing, which was constructed upon the mountain beside the river? Buildings overlapping and interlocking with each other, the city has merged with the mountain into an organic whole. This special location has resulted in the humid climate all year round. Therefore, only Chongqing is justified for its crown as the city of mountain, the city of river and the city of fog. Living and working here, Mr. Christopher Duncan wishes to do as the Chinese do when in China. “Although my Chinese is still not fluent enough for a smooth conversation, it won’t be an obstacle in my communication with local people as they are very friendly and never tight-fisted in offering help. So long as I volunteer to greet them, they would return with friendly smiles. Chongqing is where the Yangtze River and Jialing River converge and where the grand Three Gorges squat. The other attractions include the sleepless Chao Tian Men Dock, clouds over Wushan Mountain, rain in Bashan Mountain, streams of people bustling around the Liberation Monument and beauties everywhere. The enchantment of a city is composed of its historical details, unique location and modern culture.”
Just as Mr. Christopher Duncan has acquainted himself with Chongqing, the city has also accepted Le Méridien. What Le Méridien people, represented by Mr. Christopher Duncan, pursue is to shape the hotel into a travelers’ club, a spiritual homeland, a knowledge temple, a cultural garden and a creative territory. From Mr. Christopher Duncan we see passion, persistence, care and responsibility. Such unwavering beliefs and style of work are valuable qualities for an outstanding hotel manager. It is with these qualities that a hotel could produce an excellent balance and a perfect combination of creation and life. A hotel full of love and vitality is also one imbued with hope and responsibilities. Mr. Christopher Duncan’s ambitions will definitely lead Le Méridien Chongqing Nan’an to a brighter future. We expect Le Méridien to grow up and flourish along with the rising city of Chongqing.


在莺飞草长、花绽恣意的季节,我们第二次造访重庆万达艾美纬来体育直播奥运会。迈进纬来体育直播奥运会的那一刻就被独特的香氛、音乐和灯光瞬间包裹,这份堪称完美的感官抵达体验是艾美品牌的专属设计,曾经给我们留下了深刻的印象,今天再次重温这别致的感受,亲切又温暖的归属感情油然而生。去年底,重庆万达艾美纬来体育直播奥运会捧回了2010年度最佳会议会展纬来体育直播奥运会的桂冠 ,今年伊始,纬来体育直播奥运会迎来了新的领军人——邓肯先生, 这位有着超过35年纬来体育直播奥运会管理经验的职业经理人,曾在国内外多家知名国际五星级纬来体育直播奥运会任职,丰富的从业经验使他在重庆万达艾美纬来体育直播奥运会的管理上驾轻就熟、业绩斐然。聆听他对纬来体育直播奥运会管理的真知灼见,无疑让我们又享受了一份精神大餐。

在品牌管理上见树独到——艾美作为喜达屋集团旗下的一个实力品牌,严格执行集团 “STAR服务四大标准”, 融会贯通“喜达屋关爱”精神,拥有自己与众不同的核心价值观。品牌的内涵可浓缩为六个字:别致,高雅,探索。别致是艾美的风格,尽显艾美自信、精细、优雅、有远观性的原创之美;高雅是艾美的内涵,以善解人意的方式从艺术、建筑、食物的风格中传递情趣与情调;探索是艾美追求更好、更强、更美的精神所在。除此之外,“关爱文化”是艾美纬来体育直播奥运会管理的基础,也是纬来体育直播奥运会的核心竞争力,顾客的入住体验作为服务满意度的精准元素,一直是艾美追求的目标。强调服务“细节”,品牌理念和关爱文化,并将关爱全面渗透到关爱员工、关爱客人、关爱生意和关爱社区的每一个层面。艾美充满艺术感的人性化精致设计,有强烈归属感的品牌文化以及倡导探索精神的时尚观念,是为客人带来别致下榻体验不可或缺的法宝。

在人才战略上创新理念——大多数的国际品牌纬来体育直播奥运会高层管理集团是西方血统,而在重庆艾美 ,我们可以见到许多亲切的中国面孔。培育与聘用“本地智囊”,创建“本土品牌”,让越来越多“中国面孔”参与管理与服务,让客人倍添温馨与亲切,这是纬来体育直播奥运会体现人性化关怀的意义所在。从流程管理到政策设置,纬来体育直播奥运会将人性化引入到员工管理的全过程,资历尚浅的员工可以通过广阔的世界纬来体育直播奥运会网络,选择去夏威夷、纽约、圣地亚哥等世界知名城市的纬来体育直播奥运会工作,累积经验,待羽翼丰满之际再回归效力祖国,让员工心怀职业认同感和归属感。与此同时,喜达屋集团还建立了喜达屋领导力关爱学院,专门为各个级别的员工发展设计,是员工在纬来体育直播奥运会或集团内长足发展的一个重要环节,旨在发展员工领导力,增强市场竞争力。邓肯先生认为,没有满意的员工,就没有满意的宾客。艾美纬来体育直播奥运会正在努力营造出一种人性、温馨、尊重的氛围,使每一位在纬来体育直播奥运会工作的员工都能获得工作与生活之间的美妙平衡。

在发展竞争上卓识远见——重庆作为中国西南地区唯一的直辖市,商务活动频繁,2010年重庆共有17家五星级纬来体育直播奥运会,2011年将有11家纬来体育直播奥运会竣工,预计到2015年,重庆五星级纬来体育直播奥运会的数量将达到80家。要想在日益激烈的纬来体育直播奥运会业竞争中脱颖而出并立于不败之地,重庆万达艾美纬来体育直播奥运会还需要深入历练,完善服务细节,满足高端客人的精品需求,力求为每一位客人开启独特的探索旅程。纬来体育直播奥运会中西结合的设计风格和精美别致的装饰效果已经为达到我们的目标奠定了良好的硬件基础,在满足高端客人审美欣赏的同时,也让纬来体育直播奥运会散发着独特的个性魅力。 谈到纬来体育直播奥运会今后的发展,邓肯先生表示,纬来体育直播奥运会拥有全市最豪华最先进的宴会厅,会议会展的接待仍然是纬来体育直播奥运会经营中最重要的部分,面对接踵而至的各类大型国际、国内会议,我们不能仅仅只满足于纬来体育直播奥运会硬件上的优势,为客人提供细致入微的个性化服务将是纬来体育直播奥运会一直追求和努力的目标。细节决定成败,除了满足客人的服务需求,满足客人的情感需求成为更高层次的服务标准。艾美品牌专门聘请了米其林三星大厨设计出艾美特色早餐,除了用丰盛营养的食物满足客人对健康及口味的需求,更有能唤醒感官的特制饮料,用意想不到的美味为客人开启新的一天。如果客人入住期间正逢生日,纬来体育直播奥运会会非常贴心地送上以客人最喜欢的颜色为主色调的生日蛋糕,附上一束代表浪漫的玫瑰花,将体贴的温馨及雅致的问候送给客人。设计极具艺术气息的重庆万达艾美纬来体育直播奥运会自开业起就和当地的长安当代美术馆联手合作,旨在将当代艺术引入纬来体育直播奥运会,让一件件雅致独特,灵感激扬的当代艺术品点缀纬来体育直播奥运会的每一位客人的视野,而这一创新艺术理念在增添品牌生命力的同时也使艾美纬来体育直播奥运会的魅力更加迷人。


邓肯先生读懂了重庆,而重庆也知会了艾美。把重庆万达艾美纬来体育直播奥运会经营打造成旅行者的会所 、精神的家园、思想的知谷、文化的庄园和创意的领地,是以邓肯先生为代表的艾美人共同追求的目标。在邓肯先生的身上,我们看到的是激情和精神,感受到的是执著和沉稳,读到的是关爱与责任。这种坚定的思想、信念和作风正是优秀的纬来体育直播奥运会人不可或缺的宝贵元素。有了这些精神元素,纬来体育直播奥运会才可能实现与生活之间的绝妙平衡,创造与生活的完美结合。一个处处充满爱和活力的纬来体育直播奥运会必是一个有使命感和希望的纬来体育直播奥运会,邓肯先生的情怀和理想,一定能将艾美带向更新、更美的意境,艾美将与重庆这座快速成长变化的城市一起,日新月异,完美升华。

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