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Composition of A New Culture Where Old Traditions Blend
——Interview with Mr. Jean-Philippe Jacopin, General Manager of Hilton Chongqing and Hilton Chongqing Nanshan Resort & Spa

When the steam whistle echoed through the hustle and bustle of the wharf, we arrived in Chongqing, a city saturated with three thousand years’ Ba-shu culture. As an extension of original Huaxia nation and the axis of Central Plains Culture, it has a long history of civilization and amazing historic relics. Walking alongside the mottled city wall, we could not help lamenting at the vicissitudes of time. The running waters of the river have witnessed the transitions and changes of the city, which has been injected with an international hospitality culture while inheriting the traditional Chinese spirit. Now let’s walk into the city and walk into Hilton Chongqing that enjoys a same long history.
What impressed us most at the hotel was General Manager’s hospitality and romantic temperament. Instead of briefing us on the hotel, Mr. Jean-Philippe Jacopin started the conversation by introducing the philosophy and values of Hilton. “After almost 100 years of existence, the philosophy of Hilton creator has remained unchanged and is still as real as it was then. After nearly 20 years’ work experience in this big family, I am well acquainted with its values and commitment in creating exceptional guests experiences.”  Unsurprisingly, Hilton Chongqing has inherited and adhered to the brand’s core values in both its facilities and services.
Perfectly situated between the Yangtze and Jia Ling rivers, within close proximity to the business district and city center, Hilton Chongqing is an oasis of calm with a perfect combination of modernity and tradition. Each of the 423 guest rooms and suites is comfortably designed by prestigious interior designers, equipped with high speed internet connection and modern amenities. Business travelers can enjoy special comfort of Executive Floor rooms which include private check-in and check-out services, complimentary access to the exclusive Executive Lounge. The hotel boasts its 551sqm Grand Ballroom with a capacity for 500 guests; the ballroom also features six translation booths, making it an ideal venue for international conferences. A further seven function rooms all fully-equipped with audiovisual equipment, alongside the high speed sight-viewing elevator, which enables guests to appreciate the spectacular view of the city and two rivers, provide options for events and meetings of any nature. The adjacent Da Tian Wan stadium holds seven tennis courts, one football field and six badminton courts, complementing the hotel’s vacation facilities.
In addition, the hotel dedicates an entire floor to women, which includes an indoor swimming pool fitted with a roof to deflect the sun’s ultraviolet rays, numerous spa treatment rooms, a fully-equipped gym and aerobic studio as well as an exclusive hair salon.
It is not difficult to discern from these details that Mr. Jacopin is a person with innovative ideas and vigorous resolution. Born in France, he has over 25 years’ experiences in hospitality management. In reference to his homeland, Mr. Jacopin said with emotions that “I was lucky to grow up in a city so rich in creative talent and surrounded by fashion and the latest trends. It tremendously helps in developing and fueling my own creative sense and acute perception. In France, we are taught that nothing is impossible as long as we keep in mind the golden rules of rigor, integrity, righteousness, sincerity and perfection and don’t miss out any chance of fulfilling our dreams.” Since he joined Hilton in 1990, he has won numerous honors and admiration with his outstanding talents. In 2007, he served as General Manager of Hilton Namhae Golf and Spa Resort in Korea and continued Hilton global management culture into the hotel, which soon became a market leader and was named as the “Best Golf and Spa Resort in Korea” by Travel Award. Since its opening, Hilton Chongqing has consistently won accolades for its outstanding service, it was named as one of the “Top 100 Hotels In Asia” by Conde Nast Traveler’s Award in 2009; Under Mr. Jacopin’s charismatic leadership, Hilton Chongqing was awarded as “Best Business Hotel in Chongqing” in 2010 by Tourism Bureau of Chongqing and Chongqing Times Newspaper.
Having more than 12 years experiences in Food & Beverage industry, Mr. Jacopin has unique understandings of culinary cultures. Unaccustomed to the hot and spicy cuisine in Chongqing at first, he fell in love with local specialties after a short time. He remarked jokingly, “The most famous dish in Chongqing is the spicy hot pot, which I enjoy greatly because of its special atmosphere. However, my favorite is Chongqing Laziji (Sautéed Chicken with Dried Chili), which is cooked with special spices and has a tender taste.” He believes that the key of cooking is to keep the real flavors of fresh and natural ingredients. As French, he aspires to pair French cuisine with Chinese cooking. Therefore, all restaurants in the hotel offer creative dishes that combine different culinary styles. China Moon, the Chinese restaurant, serves traditional and reformed Cantonese and Sichuan cuisines, which satisfy the most fastidious taste buds with consideration for foreign guests’ preference. Long Bar & Grill adapts to the popular diet trend and lays emphasis on the pairing of food and wine. At
Café@Two, which has International Buffet and “A La Carte Menu” of dishes from around the world, including Europe, Middle East, Japan and Chongqing, Executive Chef’s recommendation seasonal menu is available as well. Meanwhile, the River Lounge serves a variety of snacks and the afternoon tea with everyday fresh array of homemade pastries and dim sum. Mr. Jacopin wishes to add more diverse elements into the food while maintaining its traditional essence.
Mr. Jacopin pursues perfection in himself and at work due to his French characters. Graduating from School of Hospitality, Cornell University, he is fluent in French and English and could communicate in Italian. From a management intern to General Manager, he has been involved in various fields including operation and sales along his career path. The rich management experiences made him pay more attention to cultivation of talents. “As a member of Hilton, we have our unique Hilton training programs. We detect employees’ potentials, inspire them and guide them onto a brilliant career path. What Hilton values most is not only the operation of the hotel but what we can bring to our guests.” Now, Hilton Chongqing is progressing on a promising track and has gained admirable achievements. Mr. Jacopin is also in charge of Hilton Chongqing Nanshan Resort and Spa, which is still in pre-opening stage at the moment. He has high expectations for the new hotel. “With 50 different kind of hot springs, the Spa offers a unique experience which can be coupled with the golf course. It will certainly become the new fashionable destination.” Although the management of two hotels will double his workload and require a tight organization of his diary, Mr. Jacopin is confident that with the help of the efficient team around him, it will be easy for him to overcome any challenges and Hilton Chongqing Nanshan Resort & Spa will continue the glory of Hilton Chongqing.
In addition to their own life and work, Mr. Jacopin and his wife are actively involved in public welfare and charity events. “Living in this world, we have the duty to bring hope and light into the life of the less privileged. It is very important to help them to build self-esteem through spiritual or physical help.” Wherever they go, the couple donates some of their time or take actions to help people in need. After a visit to an orphanage, Mr. Jacopin realized that giving only money and time is not enough. More practical actions can be taken for those children and youngsters. That is why Hilton Chongqing has opened positions for youngsters from poor families with little education or with disabilities so that they could receive professional trainings. It might be the start of a career in hotel industry or just help them to stand on their own feet.
Just like his persistence in charity, Mr. Jacopin is firmly convinced that the introduction of an international vision to the local is a gradual process which requires insistence. Respect and tolerance will ultimately result in a perfect integration. What the Hilton brand is promoting around the world is an everlasting quality that will not be transfigured by time or space.


 从这些细节不难发现冀宏飞先生是一个追求创新并且非常有魄力的人。出生于法国的他拥有超过25年丰富、专业的纬来体育直播奥运会行业服务及管理经验。提及祖国,冀宏飞先生饱含感情的说:“我非常幸运的出生在一个富足并且被时尚气息和潮流所包围的城市,这样的成长环境让我拥有更好的把握时代变化的领悟力,同时也教会我谨慎、正直、真诚的生活,不要忽略任何的梦想和完美自己的机会。”从1990年加入希尔顿集团,冀宏飞先生运用自己的卓越才能赢得了很多的荣誉与赞赏。早在2007年,冀宏飞先生就任于韩国Namhae希尔顿高尔夫度假纬来体育直播奥运会总经理,他持续发扬希尔顿全球的管理文化,使之成为韩国度假纬来体育直播奥运会中的佼佼者,同时赢得了Travel Award颁发的“韩国最佳高尔夫与水疗纬来体育直播奥运会”称号。冀宏飞先生目前就任的重庆希尔顿纬来体育直播奥运会曾获得《CONDE NAST旅行家》杂志2009年度读者评选的“亚洲百佳纬来体育直播奥运会”称号;时至今日,在他卓越的领导力下,纬来体育直播奥运会的经营业绩蒸蒸日上,获得了2010年度重庆市旅游局和重庆时报联合评选的“重庆市最佳商务纬来体育直播奥运会”等多项殊荣。

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