在信念中崛起,在超越中升华——专访上海浦西万怡纬来体育直播奥运会总经理蒋广伟Growing with Belief, Thriving with Sublimation——Interview with Robert Chiang, General Manager of Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Puxi
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Growing with Belief, Thriving with Sublimation
——Interview with Robert Chiang, General Manager of Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Puxi

The winding Suzhou River has been the cradle for the early prosperity of Shanghai and the witness of the vicissitudes of the city. Between Wuzhen Rd and North Zhejiang Rd in Zhabei District, the river bends out an elegant one-thousand-meter arc. This Suzhou River bend used to function as the financial center for the national capitals and an eminent logistic hub at the beginning of last century, acclaimed as the local Qingming Riverside Scene, the immortal classic painting depicting the bustling city life in Northern Song Dynasty. After witnessing the shifting scenes of life, it is still a prosperous and bustling spot in modern Shanghai. Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Puxi, officially launched in Zhabei District last August, has no doubt added another highlight to the community.
As the largest brand of Marriott International, Courtyard is dedicated to providing a fresh relaxing ambient, where travelers could enjoy a recreational break and balance between life and work, leisure and socializing. Nestled at No. 338 Hengfeng Rd, Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Puxi occupies an ideal location, within walking distance to the Shanghai Railway Station and the Metro. Nearby attractions include the famed Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, Jade Buddha Temple, Jing’an Temple, the Bund and People’s Square. What impresses guests most is the high value embodied in spacious rooms and comfortable service of the hotel to business and leisure travelers. The hotel’s good value for money reflects its principle of doing business with integrity. As the largest hotel outside North America under Courtyard brand and the third largest in the world, Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Puxi attracted substantial public attention as early as in its preparatory stage. Its performance after the official opening is even more conspicuous.
Born in Hong Kong and grew up since teenager in Canada, Mr. Robert Chiang, the General Manager of the hotel, was raised in a multi-cultural background and has consequently developed a gentleman deportment and candid disposition. Even his light smile radiates self-confidence and elegance. With a unique managing style shaped out of his rich experience as a senior manager, Mr. Chiang has been awarded as Courtyard’s 2010 Opening General Manager of the Year after he joined Marriott International in 2003. He claimed modestly that “although the award is imprinted with my name, I receive it on behalf of Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Puxi. It is indeed everyone’s honor.” Indifferent to personal glories, he attributes the success to the united efforts of hotel staff. One has to admire the generous spirit and modesty of such an outstanding manager.
When referring to his personal experiences and hotel management, Mr. Chiang turned into a fluent conversationalist and accordingly we had a glimpse of how he matured in this business. Prior to his entry into Marriott International, he worked at different places including airline company, travel agency, hotel, and Hong Kong Tourism Board. His career path at Marriott International started from Director of Marketing at China Hotel, A Marriott Hotel – Guangzhou, extended to Renaissance Yangtze Shanghai Hotel, and eventually to the position of General Manager of Marriott Executive Apartment Palm Spring – Beijing in 2007 and General Manager of Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Puxi in 2010. His service in the two hotels coincided with Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo, two international events that granted him the opportunity to demonstrate his extraordinary talents. His work experience at three eminent Marriott brands’ hotels has casted his distinctive views about brand: every hotel has its own character. Compared with the inspiring performance of Marriott and the fashion of Renaissance, Courtyard is luxurious without being gaudy, and elegant without being simple. Every detail in the hotel proclaims value for money.
Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Puxi was opened in the year of the Expo with favorable timing, location and human conditions. Right from the start, it commenced gaining profits, which broke the normal record of non-profit operation for a ramping up hotel. The immediate success has won high reputation for the hotel. When asked whether the success would be continued, Mr. Chiang said that, although pressures do exist, everyone in the hotel is confident about it. Zhabei District has a great market potential and the Suzhou River Bend area has been planned to be the new landmark of Shanghai. Enjoying an ideal location and convenient transportation, the hotel has a bright vision for future development. Mr. Chiang has faith that as long as the hotel adheres to the principle of client focus, it would retain a stable share in the market.
The General Manager of a hotel is responsible for the cultivation of the service spirit and the formulation of business strategies in face of all kinds of challenges. Just as the old Chinese saying goes, one can fight a hundred battles without defeat if he knows the enemy and himself. A hotel needs a precise orientation in order to distinguish itself in the local market. Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Puxi has flexible space and complete amenities, offering the highest value to its guests. The novel designs, bright colors, open structure and modern furniture fabricate a pleasant and relaxing ambient. Guests can check their emails at the Business Center in the lobby, or have a social gathering with colleagues in the stylish lobby or the lounge. This type of undertone attracts young people and is more convenient for business travelers. We were amazed to find exquisite accessories available for sale in the lobby. These details represent the distinctive creation of Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Puxi. In fact, incessant innovation is what Mr. Chiang has been emphasizing throughout the interview.
In addition to its refreshing business concept, the success of Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Puxi is related to its amenities. The spacious guest rooms are equipped with complacent and functional facilities and furnishings, which diversify the space utilization. The Executive Lounge on the top offers a spectacular view of the city and free breakfast, evening drinks and snacks for guests on the executive floor. Guests can also exercise and invigorate themselves at the 24-hour gym or the indoor swimming pool after a day’s hard work. The meeting facilities include a modern Grand Ballroom with natural lighting and four event rooms, totaling 600 square meters. The MoMo Café provides all day dining with a selection of international cuisines and focuses on fresh ingredients, carefully balanced flavors and simple culinary techniques. Its showcase kitchen and wood stove oven emit fragrance of food as well as a rich family flavor, appealing to hotel guests and local customers. There is also a takeaway food store named MoMo 2 Go offering grab-and-go meals and drinks.
From the initial preparations to the current operations, Robert Chiang was involved in every step of the hotel’s development. For him, Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Puxi is like a tree he planted with his own hands, which has grown up from a single seed and will thrive in the future with the nourishment of belief and dedication.

说起自己的经历和纬来体育直播奥运会的管理,蒋广伟先生侃侃而谈,而我们也在他的娓娓道来中一起感受他与纬来体育直播奥运会的成长与情结:在进入万豪国际集团之前,他在航空公司、旅行社、纬来体育直播奥运会以及香港地区的旅游局等处担任过多种职务。最初,他在广州中国大纬来体育直播奥运会中是担任市场销售部长一职。之后移职到上海扬子江万丽大纬来体育直播奥运会,并于2007年进入北京棕榈泉万豪行政公寓,担任总经理一职。2010年3月进入上海浦西万怡纬来体育直播奥运会,被任命为总经理。在北京棕榈泉万豪行政公寓任职期间,正逢北京奥运会举办;而在上海浦西万怡纬来体育直播奥运会任职期间,又逢上海世博会举办。两次盛会给了他施展才华的机遇,也证明了他越人的能力,先后在万豪集团旗下三个重要品牌纬来体育直播奥运会的任职经历让蒋广伟先生对品牌有着独特的见解:每个纬来体育直播奥运会都有自己的气质,相比万豪的沉稳、万丽的时尚,万怡被其形容为实而不华,简洁而不简单,细节处处都体现出value for money。
除了万怡商务朝气之旅的品牌定位,浦西万怡的成功也离不开完备的硬件设施。纬来体育直播奥运会客房面积宽敞,设施及陈设既舒适又实用,这也使空间用途更多样化。顶楼的行政酒廊坐拥令人叹为观止的城市美景,为行政楼层的客人供应免费早餐、晚间饮品和小食。24小时健身中心和室内游泳池,让客人在一天的辛勤工作后可锻炼以恢复元气。纬来体育直播奥运会拥有自然采光的一个现代化宴会厅和四间多功能厅,总共提供600平方米的会议空间。纬来体育直播奥运会内的丰味坊(MoMo Café) 全天候供应中西美食,并采用最新鲜的食材,为客人提供品质上乘,各式风味的珍馐佳肴。它的开放式厨房和柴木烤炉散发阵阵芳香,家庭氛围浓郁,将吸引住客和本地客人来此一尝为鲜。值得一提的是,纬来体育直播奥运会还设有名为MoMo 2 Go的美食店,为行色匆匆的客人提供各式可以带走享用的小食及饮料。

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