运筹帷幄雕撰权威印象——三访上海复旦皇冠假日纬来体育直播奥运会总经理科里先生Plotting Business Strategies with an Authoritative Hand
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Plotting Business Strategies with an Authoritative Hand
——The Third Interview with Mr. Christophe Lajus, General Manager of Crowne Plaza Shanghai Fudan

In the alternating warmth and coldness of early spring in March, bustling streets in Shanghai were packed with busy pedestrians. The rhythm of this city is too swift for even a brief break. Savoring the aroma of orchids at the entrance of Crowne Plaza Shanghai Fudan, we were amazed at the symbiosis between the academic authoritativeness and the elegant hospitality culture. Maybe everyone needs an occasional halt in the hustling life to contemplate the past and the essence of life.

It is the third time for Grand Hotel to interview Mr. Christophe Lajus, General Manager of Crowne Plaza Shanghai Fudan. Basked in the warm afternoon sunshine, we chatted like old friends in a homely and relaxing atmosphere.

Situated opposite the prestigious Fudan University, Crowne Plaza Shanghai Fudan is in the vicinity of the busy Wujiaochang area where Wanda Commercial Center, Paris Spring Shopping Mall, Wal-Mart, and other entertainment and dining venues are available. The hotel is within walking distance to Metro Line 10, which whisks guests to famous places such as People’s Square, the Bund, Yu Garden and Xintiandi. The hotel enjoys a convenient transportation as the adjacent Middle Ring reaches Hongqiao Airport and Pudong International Airport and the nearby Jungong Rd Tunnel links Pudong area. The hotel offers 309 guest rooms including 34 suites, with a variety of room types from standard rooms, deluxe rooms, to suites on the executive floor. Each room is comfortably spacious, designed in contemporary style and fitted with all facilities. As an international business hotel, Crowne Plaza Shanghai Fudan has distinguished itself as the top in the industry for its organization of conferences and satisfaction of business travelers’ needs.

Grand Hotel readers would not be unfamiliar with Mr. Lajus, who demonstrated how to make peanut truffle paste in a ‘You Are the Chef’ show last year and hence won the Best Camera Image at the annual awarding ceremony. A leader full of wisdom and charisma, he has led his team onto a glorious path. At the China Hotel Starlight Awards Presentation Ceremony 2010, Crowne Plaza Shanghai Fudan was awarded as one of the “Top 10 Mice Hotels of China”, when Mr. Lajus was named as the “Best General Manager of China”. This April in Beijing, he harvested “2010 China’s Best Hotel Manager Award” in the “LifeStyle 2010 China’s Best Hotels Awards”. The impressive namelist of guests who have stayed at the hotel includes leading figures in various fields, such as Dr. Gorzkowski, the President of the International Physics Olympiad,Ted Turner, the founder of CNN and the United Nations Fund, Professor Muhammad Yunus, the founder of Grameen Bank and the winner of 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, Mr. Yasushi Honda, Professor at University of Tsukuba and the winner of 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, and Michael Spence, Professor at Stanford University and the winner of 2001 Nobel Econimics Prize.

Having graduated from Ecole Hoteliere De Lausanne, Mr. Lajus has over 20 years’ experience in hospitality and management. After his arrival in China in,October 2000,he served as the General Manger at Holiday Inn Tian An Wuhan City Center, Holiday Inn Yalong Bay Sanya and Crowne Plaza Shanghai Fudan. In February 2008, he was appointed as the Area General Manager of Crowne Plaza Hotels in Shanghai Cluster and since September 2009 he has been the Chairman of International Brand Hotels Shanghai. The succession of achievements have established the solid foundation for his current glory, which is well deserved.

Since this Spring Festival, the revival of the Chinese economy has been on the right track. Nevertheless, the rise of commodity prices inevitably affects the hospitality industry as the increasing operational cost eats into profits. It is a challenge to find a balance between price and value. Mr. Lajus emphasizes the importance of team work in confronting such difficulties. He believes that the secret for success lies in the team. Under his leadership, the management team of Crowne Plaza Shanghai Fudan remains stable and vigorous without any major personnel changes in recent years. Mr. Lajus, in his own way, excels at interpersonal coordination. As the Chairman of IBHS, he has to pilot a group of experienced hotel managers whose ideas collide with each other from time to time. How to produce enlightening sparks instead of explosions out of those collisions is a great challenge for the Chairman. Even Mr. Lajus has to admit that sometimes it is tough to reach a common agreement, but he would always do his utmost to coordinate.

Although the 2010 Shanghai Expo has brought a favorable economic impact on hospitality in Shanghai, the industry faced a series of challenges after the grand event. Good news is that hotels still enjoy good business after the Expo although the number of reservations declines slightly. The overall situation is better than expected. Mr. Lajus said, “Yangpu has improved a lot. Another new commercial center will be built to complement Wanda Commercial Center. As a number of multi-national companies have settled here, there will be more business meetings and projects conducted in this area. Market potential being substantial, the hotel will embrace more opportunities. The important thing is to seize the chance and to make a correct judgement with a broad vision. Meanwhile, hospitality in this area is growing rapidly, which inevitable results in a more fierce competition between hotels. We don’t wince at competition. In fact, having pressure is a good thing because appropriate pressure is the best stimulus.” Mr. Lajus is confident about the hotel’s future development.

In reference to this year’s plan, Mr. Lajus remarked that the hotel has developed a clear organizational structure after five years’ maturing. What it needs now is an acute perception and accurate judgement about the market and its rivals. The improvement of the hotel’s brand effect also counts for much because a brand is the extension of corporate’s values and is a reflection of essential nature of the enterprise. As a high-end hotel brand, Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts are located in major cities, central cities and tourism destinations with an aim to provide comfortable and considerate services to business travelers. At present, the group has properties in nearly 60 countries around the world. Being an international hospitality brand, Crowne Plaza Hotesl and Resorts feature elegant accommodation and services designed specially for business and leisure travelers who value trends and technology. Guests can enjoy 24-hour business service, high-speed wi-fi in the lobby and various fitness and recreational facilities.

Apart from his job at the hotel, Mr. Lajus is actively involved in a series of charity events, such as visiting the senior citizens and orphans and organizing charity golf game events. Last year, Crowne Plaza Shanghai Fudan was awarded The Best Charity by Grand Hotel and Mr. Lajus was modest about the achievement. He likened Crowne Plaza Shanghai Fudan to a child who has progressed from a babbling baby to a tottering toddler after five years growth.
During this process, the society has contributed a great deal to the hotel, which hence shoulders certain social responsibilities that could be realized in charity. This September, under the leadership of Mr. Lajus, IBHS will continue to host the charity golf game and plans to sponsor underpriviledged students. Being a foreigner,
Mr. Lajus is committed to public welfare in China, contributing to Chinese tourism and charity causes. His attitude of regarding charity as a long-term undertaking really deserves our admiration.

Today’s China is not in lack of luxury brands and international hotels, but a hotel like Crowne Plaza Shanghai Fudan that combines academic quality and hospitality elegance is a rare find. We are curious to see what kind of chemical reaction would be generated by the pairing of a General Manager who has a strong sense of humor and fashion and is open to fresh things, and a hotel that has a profound academic background.




熟悉《大纬来体育直播奥运会》的读者对科里先生一定不会陌生,他曾在去年的洋厨房节目里教过大家制作过花生黑菌糊,继而获得了年度“洋厨房”颁奖典礼上的最佳上镜奖。这是一个睿智而又富有人格魅力的领导者,带领着他的团队在过去一年里获得累累硕果。在2010年中国纬来体育直播奥运会星光奖颁奖典礼上,上海复旦皇冠假日纬来体育直播奥运会荣获了“中国十佳会议会展纬来体育直播奥运会奖”,纬来体育直播奥运会总经理科里也获得“中国纬来体育直播奥运会业最佳总经理”荣誉称号,在今年四月北京举行的LifeStyle品味生活“2010中国年度最佳纬来体育直播奥运会评选活动”中,科里先生又当选 “2010中国年度最佳纬来体育直播奥运会经理人”。不仅如此,纬来体育直播奥运会还接待过国际物理学奥林匹克竞赛委员会主席Gorzkowski博士、CNN(美国有线新闻网)创始人、联合国基金会创建人特德•s18特纳先生与孟加拉乡村银行创建人、2006年诺贝尔和平奖获得者穆罕默德•s18尤纳斯教授、日本筑波大学教授,2007年诺贝尔和平奖得主本田靖先生以及美国斯坦福大学教授,2001年度诺贝尔经济学获得者迈克尔.斯彭斯等各个领域的翘楚,令人叹为观止。


年后中国经济的复苏逐渐步入正轨,物价的上涨给纬来体育直播奥运会业带来不可避免的影响,成本提高利润减少,如何在价格和价值中寻求平衡点是目前的一个挑战。科里先生强调,在困难面前需要的是大家的共同努力,团队是他成功的秘诀。在他带领的上海复旦皇冠假日纬来体育直播奥运会,整个管理团队的基调稳定积极,充满朝气,几年来几乎看不到大的人员变动。在人与人的协调配合上科里先生似乎有自己特别的处事艺术。众所周知,作为上海品牌纬来体育直播奥运会协会的会长,他要 带领的成员都是阅历丰富的纬来体育直播奥运会经理们,高 手过招各种想法碰撞时如何擦出火花而不是 火药是对协会会长的一种考验。科里也表示 有时候在一个问题上达成完全共识会有一定 难度,但他会尽力协调。

2010年的上海世博会给纬来体育直播奥运会业带来了很好的经济效应,世博结束之后,纬来体育直播奥运会会面 临一系列的挑战,令人欣慰的是从目前状况 来看,世博之后纬来体育直播奥运会的生意都还不错,虽然订房率有所下降,但总体情况比预计要好很多。科里先生说“杨浦的发展很快,万达商圈成熟之后可能会继续建新的商业区,很多大型跨国公司都选择在此落址,会有更多的商务会议或项目在这里安家落户,市场的潜 力很大,给纬来体育直播奥运会带来机会也很多,重要的是抓住时机审时度势把握全局。同时,这边的 纬来体育直播奥运会业也在迅速成长壮大,行业竞争不可避 免而且会越来越激烈。我们不怕竞争,有压 力是好事,适当的压力是最好的动力。”对于纬来体育直播奥运会未来的发展,科里先生表现得踌躇满志。

谈到纬来体育直播奥运会今年的发展规划,科里表示 经过5年的成长,纬来体育直播奥运会的组织架构已经非常清晰,需要做的是对市场和竞争对手的动态 有敏锐的触觉和准确判断,除此之外更重要 的是如何提升纬来体育直播奥运会的品牌效应。品牌是一个的延续,可以将企业本质的一面快速展示给客人。皇冠假日纬来体育直播奥运会及 度假村是 选址于各大主要城市、门户城市以及旅游度假目的地的高端纬来体育直播奥运会品牌,旨在 为商务人士提供舒适优雅、体贴入微的服务。皇冠假日纬来体育直播奥运会及度假村目前在全球近60个国家拥有纬来体育直播奥运会。作为国际化的纬来体育直播奥运会品牌,皇冠假日纬来体育直播奥运会及度假村提供上乘的住宿环境,专为目光敏锐、崇尚简约优雅与潮流科技并重的商务人士和休闲游客打造物有所值的服务。在皇冠假日纬来体育直播奥运会及度假村, 客人可以享受到24小时商务服务,覆盖大堂的高速无线网络以及健身休闲设施。

除了纬来体育直播奥运会的工作之外,科里先生还积极投入到慈善活动中,比如:探望 孤老和孤儿,举办慈善高尔夫。去年纬来体育直播奥运会还获得《大纬来体育直播奥运会》杂志和新浪尚品合颁的风尚奖——“最热心公益奖”,对此科里先生表现得很谦逊。他说上海复旦皇冠假日纬来体育直播奥运会已经有5年的历史,就像一个孩子,从牙牙学语到蹒跚学步,社会给了我们很多帮助,所以纬来体育直播奥运会有一定的社会责任,慈善活动是一种回馈方 式。今年9月他率领的上海国际品牌纬来体育直播奥运会协会还会继续举办慈善高尔夫球赛 ,也有计划资助部分贫困学生。作为一个外国人,他一如既往地热 心于公益 活动,不断为中国的旅游业、慈善事业做出贡献,并把它当成一种长期事业 来做的态度着实让人敬佩。


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