幸福体验 味由心生——与上海浦西洲际纬来体育直播奥运会行政副经理,Bruno Rotschaedl先生共赴美味之旅Executive Assistant Manager of InterContinental Shanghai Puxi
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Hold a cup of hot tea by the window of a warm room full of sunshine on a cold winter morning, take a deep breath and feel the relaxation of the body and mind. Maybe this is happiness, the most basic nature of people, simple as the pleasure of a deep breath and fine food.


People’s demand for food has been far beyond the bread to feed; instead they regard fine food as a way to enjoy life and to please themselves. A moment of leisure to take a delicious meal offers satisfaction to the soul as well as it does to the body. Everyone engaged in the catering industry wants to bring smiles to the guest savoring delicate dishes in a cozy environment. Mr. Bruno Rotschaedl is one of them, a food service professional devoted to the pursuit of quality service to the guests.


Mr. Bruno Rotschaedl now runs the Food & Beverage Dept as the Executive Assistant Manager of InterContinental Shanghai Puxi. As the first international luxury brand hotel in Shanghai's Zhabei district, a fast emerging premier commercial and business hub, InterContinental Shanghai Puxi is strategically located at Zhabei District, adjacent to the transportation hub and convenient to many attractions. The hotel boasts 533 rooms with 25 Executive Suites, three Penthouse Suites, one InterContinental Suite and two Presidential Suites plus a spacious Club InterContinental Lounge. We are within walking distance of the Shanghai Railway Station and Underground Subway, two miles from the Shanghai Grand Theater and the Jing An Temple, three miles from the Bund (waterfront) and four miles from Yu Yuan Garden and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. Jade Buddha Temple is a pleasant 15-minute walk away. The hotel features 2,800sqm of flexible meeting space with state-of-the-art technology and a 308 seat multi-purpose auditorium. Our meeting specialists offer essential support to ensure successful events. InterContinental Shanghai Puxi is only 30 minutes by car from Hongqiao International Airport and 60 minutes from Pudong International Airport.


Bruno Rotschaedl believes that a prominent location of the dining area equals more convenience for guest to choose where to eat, thus the Ecco all-day dining restaurant of the hotel is recently reopened on the first floor of the main building. Featuring a 13-meter high ceiling with gorgeous crystal chandeliers and a bronze statue of a smiling girl in Chinese cheongsam holding a birdcage, the new Ecco restaurant demonstrates the style of magnificence and grace. The open show kitchen employs a “World Kitchen” concept. Although the menu is focused heavily on Italian, Ecco really offers something for everyone with a wide range of choices from the Orient to the west. Every guest has his own idea and standard of fine food, and Mr. Bruno Rotschaedl said, “What we do is to explore and to make a difference through our rich experience.” InterContinental Shanghai Puxi offers a wide range of choices for the guest, including the seafood bar, barbeque bar, salad bar, dessert bar, Sushi bar, serving delicacies from all over the world. Guests can enjoy the fresh flavor of the special oysters, Alaska snow crabs, mussels, scallops at the seafood bar, taste authentic Italian cuisine such as Italian bacon rolls with melon and avocado shrimp salad at the salad bar. The dining pleasure is enhanced with a large open “World Kitchen” where diners can witness exciting open kitchen action surrounded by the mouth watering smell of the fried lamb chops, roasted steak and Italian Lasagna. Of course they won’t miss the dessert bar where there are black and white chocolate fountains, about a dozen kinds of cakes, dessert and ice cream to complete a perfect meal.


Food can convey emotions, and the care from the cook is essential for a satisfying meal. Besides the rich buffet, the Ecco restaurant also offers a la carte menu for guests to order. Smoked duck breast salad suited with wine jelly and creamy cherry wine sauce, Italian white bean soup, roasted jumbo shrimps and olive oil brings the exotic flavours. Mr. Conrad, executive chef of InterContinental Shanghai Puxi, presents his special treat of baked eggplant with pasta, dried tomato with pesto, grilled Salmon fillet with olive puree and balsamic vinegar. Mr. Conrad’s experience at various hotels and places for over 20 years helps him to combine and improve the taste of different cuisines to perfect his recipes. In addition, there are delicacies of the Asian style such as Hainan chicken rice and Hong Kong wonton noodle. The dessert chefs offer delicate desserts including black chocolate cake, mascarpone puff pastry and milk pudding with fruit as the excellent ending of a meal. The restaurant is also considerate to offer lovely and health child’s menu for kids. Ecco will surpass expectations with the diverse culinary offerings and a team of food service professionals to cater to their expressed and unexpressed needs.


This well established catering strategy comes from the wide experience of Mr. Bruno Rotschaedl who took the major of Hotel Management in Austria, began his career at luxury hotels after graduation and speaks excellent English, German, Mandarin, Spanish and French. In 1995 Mr. Bruno Rotschaedl was awarded Gold Key Award, and he has been devoted to the hotel industry since he graduated in1984. Internationally experienced in Food & Beverage management, catering sales and marketing strategy planning, Mr. Bruno Rotschaedl is ready to apply his experience to InterContinental Shanghai Puxi, he said, “We have one of the biggest banquet facilities in Puxi, Shanghai, and this is the stage where my team can show creativity and talent to adapt our food service to the demands of the guests.” Bruno Rotschaedl also mentioned that the catering industry is quite a fashionable industry which keeps changing at a rapid pace. Maybe today you are in, but tomorrow you’re already out. To those who are dedicated to the catering industry, experience equals the ability and sense to keep up with the taste of the guests and to make full use of all the resources available to maximize the possibilities to create new things that attract guests. No wonder Mr. Bruno Rotschaedl has brought huge profits to every hotel he took office in.


“We’ll bring new menus from time to time to keep it fresh to our guest, and also we’ll launch various promotions”, said Mr. Bruno Rotschaedl. The recent buffet promotion of the “buy 2 gets 1 free” is to reward guests with a feast of fine cuisines of European, Chinese and Japanese style. Fresh Oyster and Alaska snow crabs, grilled mutton chops and steaks, plentiful selections of Chinese dim-sum and western desserts, nothing compares a delicious treat in the cold winter. 


Everyone engaged in the catering industry wishes to present a perfect dining experience for the guests. The reopening of Ecco all-day dining restaurant at InterContinental Shanghai Puxi is the new start for the hotel to accomplish its commitment of the outstanding catering service philosophy. Bruno Rotschaedl has the confidence to make the hotel’s food & beverage service a great success. Every staff at InterContinental Shanghai Puxi aspires to benefit the guests, not only in aspect of catering, but to impress the guests with the quality service from InterContinental. Fine food makes people happier, yet the feeling of happiness from the heart makes the pleasure last far beyond.





填饱肚子早已不再是现代人追求味蕾享受的目的,美食对于压力日渐饱和的城市人来说已经变成调节心情的重要手段,卸去繁忙,用心体会美食带给心灵的盛宴。典雅的用餐环境加上用心烹饪的美食,还有那一份悠闲的心情一定会是一次非常完美的美食之旅,让人们的心情在食物的刺激下变得舒畅而满足,从心底绽放出会心的笑意。这也许是每个餐饮人想为顾客做到的事情,Bruno Rotschaedl先生正是这样一位20年如一日尽心尽力的为客人着想的餐饮人。


Bruno Rotschaedl先生现为上海浦西洲际纬来体育直播奥运会行政副经理,管理餐饮部。位于闸北区的上海浦西洲际纬来体育直播奥运会坐落在市中心商业区,地理位置优越,交通便捷,上海火车站、城市轨道交通和地面高架道路组成的交通网络四通八达。纬来体育直播奥运会拥有533间豪华客房和套房,其中包括25间行政套房、3间复式套房、1间洲际套房及1间总统套房及1间大使套房。此外,独栋的洲际行政楼内设有豪华宽敞的洲际俱乐部酒廊,配套设施一应俱全。纬来体育直播奥运会距上海大剧院和静安寺仅2英里之遥,至外滩3英里,离豫园和东方明珠电视塔仅4英里。不仅如此,从纬来体育直播奥运会步行15分钟便可到达玉佛寺。至浦东国际机场仅60分钟的车程,或驱车30分钟便可抵达虹桥国际机场。


Bruno Rotschaedl先生认为纬来体育直播奥运会的餐饮区域应该设在明显的区域,这样客人可以更方便选择就餐的位置。因此上海浦西洲际纬来体育直播奥运会怡亭全日餐厅最近于纬来体育直播奥运会主楼一楼重新揭幕,全新亮相的怡亭全日餐厅气派非凡,高13米的开阔空间,悬挂着瑰丽的水晶吊灯。身着旗袍的少女青铜雕像矗立其中,手持鸟笼,颔首微笑,映衬出餐厅浪漫优雅的不凡气质。餐厅秉承极富创意的“世界厨房”的理念,汇聚欧陆式和东方美食。每个客人对美食的看法都不一样,也有不同的评判标准,Bruno Rotschaedl先生说:“我们要做的就是利用我们丰富的经验去感知和改变。”为此浦西洲际纬来体育直播奥运会设置了多种佳肴供客人选择,海鲜吧、烧烤吧、色拉吧、甜品吧、寿司吧等六个自助式吧台为宾客提供世界级的美味。海鲜吧的招牌生蚝、阿拉斯加雪蟹、青口、扇贝,只只新鲜诱人,色拉吧更有意大利火腿卷蜜瓜、牛油果大虾色拉等经典意式小食。开放式厨房可欣赏到大厨的现场厨艺演绎,香煎小羊排、烤牛排、意大利千层面喷香诱人。更不能错过的是甜品吧,黑巧克力及白巧克力喷泉富有童趣,十多款各色蛋糕、甜点及多款冰淇淋任您选择,为客人呈现完美一餐的最后高潮。




之所以有这样符合客人心意的餐饮策略,与Mr. Bruno Rotschaedl丰富的经验是密不可分的,他曾在奥地利学习纬来体育直播奥运会管理,毕业以后就在高档纬来体育直播奥运会工作,精通英语、德语,国语、西班牙语以及法语。1995年Mr. Bruno Rotschaedl被授予金钥匙奖,他从84年毕业到现在一直都在从事纬来体育直播奥运会事业方面的工作,对于餐饮、宴会销售以及市场战略策划都有着丰富的管理经营经验。谈及他如何把他丰富的经验运用到浦西洲际时,他说:“我们拥有浦西最大的宴会餐饮设施之一,这让我们的团队可以尽情的展示出我们的创新天赋,我们会不断的听取客人的建议来改变我们的餐饮。”他还特别的提出,餐饮也是一门非常时尚的事业,更替的速度非常之快,也许前一天还是炙手可热的,明天就过时了。经验对于餐饮人来说就是追随顾客的需求,不断地改变,利用一切的资源来创造更多可以吸引顾客,引领餐饮潮流的尝试。难怪Bruno Rotschaedl先生所到之处都会给纬来体育直播奥运会带来丰厚的利润。


“我们持续的推出一些新的菜色来吸引客人的关注度,除此之外还有很多灵活多变的推广活动供客人选择。”Bruno Rotschaedl先生如是说。比如纬来体育直播奥运会最新推出的“尽享盛宴”自助大餐买二送一,就是给客人支持的回馈。汇聚了欧陆式、中式和日式美食。肥嫩爽滑的生蚝,新鲜诱人的阿拉斯加雪蟹,肥美多汁的现烤羊排、牛排,更有多种中式点心、西式甜点可供选择,在这个冬季,好好享用美食带来的饕餮盛宴。


    每一个用心的餐饮人都希望给客人呈现完美的用餐体验,上海浦西洲际纬来体育直播奥运会怡亭全日餐厅的重新揭幕预示着洲际人为顾客打造的又一全面细致的餐饮服务理念华丽启程,在接下来的时间里,Bruno Rotschaedl先生对纬来体育直播奥运会餐饮的成功非常有信心。因为每一个上海浦西洲际纬来体育直播奥运会的人都是用心在为顾客着想,不仅在餐饮方面,都尽心让每一个享受过洲际服务的人体会到幸福感。味由心生,也许不单单是美味带给人们的好心情,也有可能是幸福的心情让人们感觉到浅浅的在心头上那一点甜味。

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