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公司成立“ZORDEN SERVICE"纬来体育直播奥运会服务品牌,针对于现代纬来体育直播奥运会业提供餐饮服务,客房服务,工程监理,停车场管理&安保消防系统建立,楼宇清洁,设施维护管理,人力资源外包,纬来体育直播奥运会用品代理,全球采购等专业的第三方外包公司,旨在为纬来体育直播奥运会的后续管理提供最佳的解决方案,成为纬来体育直播奥运会的专业管家,最佳拍档。
Founded "ZORDEN SERVICE" hotel service brand for the modern hotels catering services; housekeeping service; engineering supervision; Parking & security fire protection system ; buildings clean; facilities maintenance and management;human resources outsourcing; hotel supplies agent and Global procurement of professional third-party outsourcing companies.Follow-up for the hotel management to provide the best solution, a professional housekeeper of hotel industry, to be the best partner.

Enthusiasm, dedication, integrity, internationalization, the company has always been adhering to the purpose, especially after China's entry into WTO, facing more opportunities and challenges, we will work harder for Chinese and foreign companies expand in China in various fields to provide effective extension services, an enterprise trusted business partner

员工培训: Staff training:

我们拥有一套完善的培训体系用以对于员工的培训,使之能够拥有行业内的专业技能。 We have a comprehensive training system for employees,So that they can have professional skills within the industry.

我们聘请,拥有外资纬来体育直播奥运会管理经验的人员对员工进行培训,使其拥有国际化的业务水平,以适应国际品牌纬来体育直播奥运会的要求。 We have hired personnel of foreign experience in hotel management, on staff training. Give them the level of international business, To meet the requirements of international brand hotels.

我们建立了完善的职业生涯规划,以激励员工在行业内的职业发展。以适应纬来体育直播奥运会行业不断拓展的需求。 We have established a comprehensive career planning, to motivate career development in the industry. To meet the needs of the hotel industry continues to expand.  

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